Paid essay writing services to be made illegal as government calls them “cheating”

Asking someone else to write an essay for you in exchange for money will soon be made illegal in England.

So-called “essay factories” see students paying money for a service and getting an essay in return, allowing the student to submit an assignment without necessarily having done the work.

Students can specify the subject, the number of pages and the deadline.

The ban will make it a criminal offense to provide, organize or advertise these services to any student over 16 years of age. education.

Skills Minister Alex Burghart said: “Testing factories are totally unethical and profit by undermining the hard work of most students. We are taking action to ban these cheating services.

“We also announced a new measure to ensure that all young people receive a broader career guidance so that everyone can get the advice that is right for them. “

This decision is part of the draft law on skills and post-16 education.

The ban on paid essay writing services will protect the academic integrity and standards of educational institutions in England, the government has said.

The ministers insist it will protect students from deceptive marketing techniques from contract fraud services.

The bill will enter its report phase to the House of Lords next Tuesday.

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