Oddities: Online terminology essay ghostwriter site believes impersonator used UCP minister’s name and credentials

An online personalized essay writing service called UnemployedProfessors.com says he now believes a contract writer listed on his website under the name and credentials of the Alberta Minister of Advanced Education is an impersonator.

After references to the “profile of unemployed professor” on behalf of Demetrios Nicolaides popped up on Twitter Saturday, Dr Nicolaides tweeted this “I appreciate that this false information is brought to my attention. I will contact the website to report this fraudulent activity.

The web page that made the buzz on Twitter this weekend (Screenshot).

The website administrator responded to a question from AlbertaPolitics.ca on Sunday evening saying that the site had been contacted by two people regarding Dr Nicolaides’ name and, “so far we believe the person on the site was impersonating this person “.

“We have asked for some documents from both parties and so far it appears that the person who was registered on our site as a teacher may be impersonating someone else through the information of identification he has listed, “the message continued, signed” Admin “.

UnemployedProfessors.com said on his site this “we only hire current and former academics or graduate students who teach their own courses; all with graduate degrees.

He also promises: “All credentials of our ghost writers are objectively verified before they are accepted.”

The message read “we will investigate further”, but “for now” the name of the unemployed professor on the page has been changed from Demetrios Nicolaides to “PROF_WILFRED.”

As of last night, however, the page was posted on UnemployedProfessors.com under the new name, but was otherwise unchanged and still used Dr. Nicolaides’ credentials.

Whoever wrote the ‘ghostwritten’ posts appeared to have received mostly good reviews from customers between June 2019 and last week. Only a few employee professors seem to have branded the offers of their disgruntled students as plagiarism.

The service, which says its writers bid on work requests submitted by clients, costs $ 10 to $ 25 per page for dissertations, theses and other research papers. Needless to say, such an approach to research is frowned upon in academia.

Dr Nicolaides’ references are posted on his LinkedIn account.

In addition to his 2006 undergraduate degree from the University of Calgary, he holds a Masters of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies awarded in 2009 by the European University of Peace, a private institution in Stadtschlaining, in Austria, and a doctorate in political science from the University of Cyprus.

In July 2013, according to European University of PeaceWikipedia entry from, the private academic accreditation of the institution was withdrawn by the academic accreditation body of the Austrian government. A link on the Wikipedia page for a website for the establishment indicates that it is now operating in Costa Rica.

The University of Cyprus in Nicosia, capital of the eastern Mediterranean island republic, is according to his Wikipedia page mainly reserved for Cypriot citizens or those with at least one parent of Cypriot origin. A small number of positions “can be claimed by Greeks in the diaspora” and others.

Typically, unlike their counterparts on this continent, European PhD students write only one thesis and are not normally required to complete additional course requirements, pass comprehensive exams, or teach undergraduate students.

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