“Inappropriate” question, will take action: CBSE as Class 12 essay asks MCQ on Gujarat riots

The CBSE Class 12 sociology paper held on Wednesday asked students to name the party under which the “anti-Muslim violence in Gujarat 2002” took place, a question the board later declared “inappropriate” and contrary to its guidelines. The Central Council for Secondary Education (CBSE) also said strict action would be taken against “those responsible”.

“A question was asked in today’s Class 12 Sociology exam which is inappropriate and in violation of the CBSE guidelines for external question writing experts. The CBSE acknowledges the error committed and will take strict measures against those responsible, “he added. the board said in a statement.

He said the CBSE guidelines for paper creators clearly state that they must ensure that questions should be academic in nature only and should be neutral in class, religion and “should not touch on areas that could harm people’s feelings based on social and political considerations. choices “.

The multiple choice question on the sociology exam asked: “The unprecedented scale and spread of anti-Muslim violence in Gujarat in 2002 took place under which government? ”

The options offered were – Congress, BJP, Democrat and Republican.

Riots broke out in the state in 2002 after two cars of the Sabarmati Express train burned down near Godhra station, in which 59 Hindu “karsevaks” were killed. The riots left more than a thousand dead.

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