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Writing an academic essay can be difficult because it takes research, time, effort, and the ability to understand the writing requirements. New students find it difficult to understand the instructions provided by their teachers. Usually they have no idea how to create a good essay that can help get better grades.

Do you want to write an expert essay?

If so, following a few helpful suggestions can help. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort, just write according to generally accepted academic guidelines and rules. It won’t take long for you to start writing like a pro.

Common things you need to take care of include grammar, style, punctuation, plagiarism, references, and quotes. Let’s discuss how you can improve your essay writing skills in no time!

What can help when writing an essay?

There are a few important things that can help you improve your essay writing skills.

Learn basic grammar

One of the biggest mistakes students make when writing an academic essay is using incorrect grammar. You need to work on your grammar first before working on other improvements.

Familiarize yourself with punctuation, verb usage, tenses, and subject. Find out how you can create a better sentence structure. Avoid using long sentences as they can make your article difficult to understand.

While it is okay to use tools like Grammarly, understanding the basic rules of grammar is essential to boost your academic writing. There are many productive websites that can help you learn more about the correct use of grammar. Start learning using such authentic platforms. If you keep the pace, it shouldn’t take you too long to write with zero grammatical errors.

If learning grammar is difficult, you can seek professional help from the best essay writing service. Subject matter experts from trusted writing platforms deliver error-free essays well in advance of the deadline.

Being ready

Another great way to increase your writing skills is to use concise sentences and word choices. An academic essay should be topic-focused. He should not talk about irrelevant things that have nothing to do with the thesis statement.

Don’t unnecessarily extend your paragraphs or sentences. Also, don’t try to use complex words and sentences. They are likely to make your article difficult to read. Keep words simple so that even a young student can read and understand your explanations.

Do not use a complex sentence where a simple one may suffice. The success of your essay depends on being able to convey the point appropriately. That’s why your goal shouldn’t be to impress readers by using convoluted words or phrases.

Use active voice

Using the active voice instead of the passive voice makes your essay look professional. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use a passive voice even once in your entire essay. Of course, you can where necessary.

However, try to maximize the use of active vocal phrases. They give a strong impression about a specific situation. Academia want students to write actively because this helps make writing clear.

Those who fill their essays with a lot of passive vocal phrases rarely get appreciation and good feedback from teachers. So, try to be among those who use active sentence structure in their homework.

Using the rhythmic phrase structure

When you write an essay, you are not supposed to be talking to a robot. Real human beings will read your thoughts and explanations. This is why try to use a rhythmic phrase structure. Your paper doesn’t have to be monotonous.

Create interest in your essay by providing variation in the sentence structure. A short sentence after a few long sentences can help maintain a good level of interest. It will also help you engage readers.

Taking a choppy approach will make your essay unprofessional. Make sure to remove all unnecessary phrases, phrases, and words that dilute the authenticity of your work.

Avoid slang

Academic writing is formal. Avoid using the contractions and slang you use in oral communication. I know writers use contractions all over the internet, but an essay should be free of them. Use “You are” instead of “You are”.

Another great way to help you write well is to write in the third person. Avoid using “me” or “I”. See if your tutor has given any additional instructions on not using slags and contractions. Try to stick to the instructions so that your writing meets the teacher’s requirements.

Expand your vocabulary

No one can write a perfect essay using limited vocabulary. You need to widen your word treasure to make your task diverse and knowledgeable.

Developing a good reading habit is excellent for improving your choice of words. You can read a book by your favorite author and underline words you don’t know. Open the thesaurus and find meanings so that you can use the same words in the relevant context when writing an essay.

There are some useful websites that can help you build a solid vocabulary. Try to visit and learn new words regularly. Soon you should start to trust your power of words.

In most cases, essays and assignments have specific styles and structures. Reviewing the successful academic work of experienced students can help you create a good understanding of word selection.

In addition, you must develop a good understanding of the terminology related to the subject. Remember all the key terms used in specific topics. For example, if you are writing an essay on the latest technology or science, you should have a good collection of scientific terminologies to make your essay look professional.

Create an outline

Make sure you have the basics ready before you start writing. Creating a plan saves you time and effort. You can create a structure including an introduction, a thesis statement, a body and a conclusion.

Add relevant key points under each section so that you don’t have to go back over the sources you used for this purpose. Once you have the basics ready, it shouldn’t take long to write an essay according to the instructions.

Generally, all academic essays have a similar structure. However, you can confirm with your teacher if you have any doubts about this.

Perform a thorough research

Never start writing without thoroughly researching the topic assigned to you. If you want to win over readers and get awesome comments then you will need to put in some relevant statistics and numbers.

Get help from authenticated resources and don’t forget to mention them in references and citations. Go to the college or university library and ask a librarian for relevant documents. They should help you get the information you need. You can read related books and notes.

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, don’t forget the Internet. It is nothing less than a blessing for information seekers. Details related to all topics and topics are accessible with a few clicks. Wikipedia and other credible websites provide authentic information for use in missions. You can use all resources when creating a list of references.


Writing a good quality academic essay is easy when you follow the right approach. Try to write according to the suggestions above. Make sure to verify your writing using a genuine online plagiarism tool. It must be unique and not copied from other sources. Universities have strict plagiarism policies. Your teacher will not tolerate it if he detects plagiarism.

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