How to use Payroll Credit Card when shopping online?

Using payroll credit card when shopping online is very practical. In addition to allowing installment purchases, you can also guarantee products and services with discounts.

Intended for Withdrawals and HYMP Pensioners, as well as for Public Servants, the payroll card has lower interest rates because it has its direct payment deducted from the benefit or salary. If you have or want to purchase this card, learn how to safely use it when shopping on the Internet.

How to use Payroll Credit Card safely?

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Who has a payroll card can make purchases in physical stores and online, as with any other card.

Purchases can be in cash or in installments. The number of installments may change depending on the total amount and other factors. However, those who need easy credit can rely on this additional feature. When shopping in stores or physical establishments, the holder simply has to present the card and a personal identification. Similarly, for online purchases, you must enter personal and card information on the websites. And for that, of course, you need to be careful.

Check out the 5 tips for using your payroll card when shopping online.

5 Tips for Using Payroll Credit Cards Online Shopping

Some of the reasons for buying over the internet are: variety and price. Thus, from clothing, shoes, books, consumer electronics to travel and travel can be purchased at specialized websites or from major retailers. And among the most common payment options offered is credit card: Choose from one in three online shoppers.

Learn now how to use your payroll credit card when shopping online.

1 – Check site credibility

If you are shopping over the internet, prefer the most well-known websites or search the company, brand, products or services first to get feedback from other consumers.

Another tip is to check if the site has security certificates and the lock in the address bar. These simple recommendations can ensure that your site is secure and not a fake page (such as fraudsters use to capture financial information and apply scams).

2 – Use your computer or smartphone

Whenever possible use your own computer, smartphone and internet network for online shopping. Public equipment or networks may have security breaches that will compromise the security of personal and financial information.

If you have to use another device or internet network, always remember to close the page and sign out. Be careful that no one accesses this information.

3 – Do not enter your password

If the payroll card has a password, please be aware that you do not need to enter it to complete your purchase. The password is for supplemental withdrawal.

The requested credit card details for online purchases are usually: cardholder name (as described on physical card), card number and security code (three-digit sequence on back of card).
Therefore, if at any time you are prompted for a not enter password.

4 – Check the purchase price

When placing a product in the shopping cart, also check if the value is the same offered on the advertising pages. The shipping amount can be added to the final purchase price. In some cases, the rates charged may vary depending on location, product weight and shipping method. If you need to contract additional insurance or services, check these values.

Depending on the final purchase amount, the site may offer installment options. Generally, the higher the number of installments, the higher the interest rate charged. Then the purchase may be at a higher value. Choose the option that will really fit in your pocket. Remember that the payroll credit card payment is deducted from the payment. This amount is limited to 5% of the payable margin, so if the amount spent is higher, you will have to pay the additional invoice.

5 – Save the order data

While many orders are already emailed, confirming the purchase and transaction on the card, it is worth saving your order before closing the site.

This is one way to ensure that the order was placed as it was before. In case of delay or loss in delivery this order will be proof of purchase. When accessing the payroll credit card invoice, be sure to check whether the debited or installment amount is also the same as the order payment terms. In case of any discrepancy, please contact the site where you made the purchase first. Then, if necessary, with the card-issuing bank.

Advantages of buying over the internet with the card

Shopping over the internet is very convenient and by following these basic security tips, you can use deductible payroll credit when shopping online smoothly.

Other advantages of buying over the internet are: lower prices than in physical stores, the possibility of using discount coupons and access to exclusive promotions, ease of price comparison, availability in whatever you need. Some card banners (Visa, Mastercard, Elo) have agreements with various establishments for more flexible offers or payments. Loyalty or scoring programs can provide other benefits to those who buy on a credit card.

Are you going to make a purchase online? Then use your payroll credit card. Install your purchases and pay more often. Participate in promotions and compete for prizes and other advantages!

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